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Ohaus Ranger Counting Series

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ohaus ranger counting scales Designed for easy counting, follow the prompts on the LED screen, users will be guided through the counting process with ease...Train anyone in 60 seconds!  The Ohaus Ranger has a high-resolution strain gauge load cell that produces counting results that are fast, stable and precise.  Automatic reference optimization insures accurate counting each and every time.  Logical menu-based controls and a large backlit LCD display ensures comfortable operation and easy view of the display results.  The tough durable cast aluminum housing high provides stability despite its small physical size and is well suited for industrial or production environments.  Choose from five capacities in two platform sizes.  For efficiency, speed and durability, the choice is Ranger Count.

Whether verifying inventory, packing parts in containers, or confirming production quantities, every part is important and the Ohaus Ranger Counting Scales can be your counting solution.  These counting scales can pay for themselves in labor cost by eliminating the time consuming and tedious task of hand counting parts.  You'll never hear again from your customers - "You shorted us again" since the compact industrial counting scales will ensuring that only the right numbers of parts are delivered to your customer.

Two Ranger Series can be linked together for fast, accurate dedicated parts counting and inventorying.  Take the Ranger Scale RD60LS (60kg x 5g) and link it via the RS-232 port (standard on all Ranger Series) to the Ranger Counting Scale RC3RS (3000g x 0.2g) and you'll create a counting system will the ability to weigh parts 0.2 grams and at the same time determine that number of parts as light as 0.2 grams in boxes weighing up to 60 kg / 120 lbs.  In this integrated solution the Ranger Counting Scale RC3RS would work as the high precision sample platform to determine the weight of the small part or material > the weight of the full box would be transmitted from the RD60LS via the RS-232 to the Ranger Counting Scale RC3RS > the RD60LS is used to determine the weight of the box full of parts (place the empty container/box on the platform and use the tare button to zero out the weight of the box, then fill the box with parts, thus yielding just the weigh of the parts) > the RC3RS basically takes the weight of the box full of parts and divides the weight of the sample weight to determine the exact number of parts in the box.  The scenario sounds a little complicated, but don't worry Ohaus has configured the Ranger Series so it is simple to integrate and setup the scales to work together and you don't need to be a scale specialist to do it.  Purchase the optional second RS-232 port on the Ranger Counting Scale RC3RS and you can output your results to the optional Ohaus AS142 printer or connect to scale to your computer.  You can download the Instruction Manual for the RC3RS for additional clarification on just how simple it is to mate an Ranger Count Scale with a Ranger Scale.

The Ranger is made in Germany.  Why pay $100's more for the Mettler-Toledo® VIPER Basic Count Scale when practically all the the Ranger Count Scale's components come directly from Mettler.  About the only difference is a different label on the outside of the scale and Ohaus installed their own embedded software which controls how the scale functions.  Oh. if you didn't know, Ohaus is owned by Mettler.  You'll save a barrel of cash since we sell the Ohaus Count Scales for substantially less than what anyone sells the Mettler-Toledo® VIPER Basic Count Scale.

No matter what application you use, you can count on the Ohaus Ranger Counting Scales to provide the most accurate counting solutions for your balance sheet.

Compare available parts counting scales in our full listing of parts counters based on your piece count requirements.

Note: Try to avoid purchasing a counting scale with more capacity than you typically will be needing.  If 90% of the time you will be counting no more than 6000 grams of parts then a 6000 gram capacity counting scales is a better choice than a 12000 capacity scale since you may be sacrificing resolution which is critical to the accuracy of your counts.  In those situations where the items being counting will weigh greater than the capacity of the scale, you simply count half the items and then the second half.  Ohaus recommends the average piece weight (APW) must be greater than or equal to the default resolution (1d), not the LFT resolution.  For example, if we say a $1 USD bill weighs 1 gram then the correct selections for a counting scale would be the RC12LS.  The RC12LS spec in the table below shows the APW = d (1g).  If you never plan on counting 12000 - $1 USD bills at a time and typically count out 5000 $1 bills per money bag then are better off buying greater resolution and purchase the RC6RS.  The goal is to maximize the resolution of the scale and not purchase a counting scale with capacity that you will never use.  It's always nicer to have more resolution than required for your counting application verses more capacity.

Warning: The Ranger Count Compact Industrial Counting Scales aren't a true portable compact industrial counting scale unless you purchase the expensive factory installed internal rechargeable battery.  Otherwise, if you don't find an AC receptacle, you wouldn't be using your Ohaus Ranger Count to count anything. 


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Capacity x Readability (g)
3000 x 0.2
6000 x 0.5
12000 x 1
30000 x 2
60000 x 5
Capacity x Readability (kg)
3 x 0.0002
6 x 0.0005
12 x 0.001
30 x 0.002
60 x 0.005
Capacity x Readability (lb)
6 x 0.0005
12 x 0.001
24 x 0.002
60 x 0.005
120 x 0.01
Capacity x Readability (oz)
60 x 0.005
120 x 0.01
240 x 0.02
600 x 0.05
1200 x 0.1
NTEP Capacity x Readability (g)
3000 x 0.5
6000 x 1
12000 x 2
30000 x 5
60000 x 10
NTEP Capacity x Readability (kg)
3 x 0.0005
6 x 0.001
12 x 0.002
30 x 0.005
60 x 0.01
NTEP Capacity x Readability (lb)
6 x 0.001
12 x 0.002
24 x 0.005
60 x 0.01
120 x 0.02
NTEP Capacity x Readability (oz)
60 x 0.01
120 x 0.02
240 x 0.05
600 x 0.1
1200 x 0.2
Linearity (g)
± 0.2
± 0.5
± 1
± 2
± 5
Tare Range
Full capacity by subtraction
Basic weighing, piece counting, piece counting with second scale
Internal resolution
1 part in 300,000
Sample size
5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50, 100
Weighing Units
g, kg, lb, oz
0.63 in / 16 mm digit height, (Backlit LCD), with analog filling guide
Internal power supply /30 hour rechargeable battery powered models available
Call for pricing for this option.
Stainless steel weighing pan / Painted cast-aluminum housing
Operating temperature
Standard models: - 10˚ C to 40˚ C
Storage temperature
- 20˚ C to 60˚ C
Platform size (w x d) (in/cm)
9.5 X 8 in
24 x 20 cm
14 X 9.5 in
35 X 24 cm
Scale dimensions (w x d x h) (in/cm)
10.5 X 13.2 X 4 in
26.5x 33.5 x 10 cm
14.2 X 14.6 X 4.5 in
36 X 37 X 11.5 cm
Shipping dimensions (w x d x h) (in/cm)
16.5 X 19 X 10 in
42 x 48 x 25 cm
20 X 20.5 X 10.5 in
52 x 53 x 27 cm
Weight (lb/kg)
11.5 lb / 5 kg net
(14 lb / 6.5 kg gross)
21 lb/ 9.5 net
(24 lb / 11 gross)
Download the Instruction Manual now download manual  You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.  The instruction manual contains detail information regarding calibration, additional features and keypad functions.


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