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counting scale, parts counting scale, piece count


Adamlab recently changed the name of their TCCa Series counting scales to the CBCa.  The image above is the CBCa but all other images below are images of the TCCa.  The reason for the model change is AdamLab redesigned the housing body making it slightly a lower profile body style.  The major reason for the change is Adamlab plans to introduce later in 2004 the CBC100a which will be a 100 lb counting scale and the scale housing needed to be redesigned to accommodate this weight increase.  Since we spent so many hours developing this web page taking pictures of the TCCa Series we could not justify taking all new pictures especially when this entire site is developed solely by Precision Weighing Balances.  The TCCa and CBCa operates exactly the same.  
Balance Information

The CBC series of counting scales offer all of the features called for in industrial warehousing and production applications - ease of use, simple robust construction for factory floor durability, genuine portability, and just the right levels of counting performance.

Displayed resolution is up to 1:30,000 and the internal counting resolution is 1:400,000

With a powerful rechargeable battery and automatic charging when operating the scales from the AC adapter these units can be used anywhere - on or off site - at any time.  A real help at stocktaking time.

Operation is easy: Either place a known quantity on the scale or enter a known unit weight.  The scale will automatically display the total count of all parts on the plate as well as calculate and display the unit weight of the part.

The sample quantity is freely selectable and because the bigger the sample the better the result, the software in the machine automatically updates and enhances its average piece weight data as components are loaded onto the plate during counting.balance

Clear, well spaced keys ensure accurate data entry and three separate LCD displays clearly show the total weight, the unit weight and the quantity.

The memory accumulation feature keeps a running tally of each individual count - invaluable in batch counting operations or when accumulation counting large quantities of the same part.

The display will show the total on the scale, the overall total and the number of batches counted.  For goods inward checkweighing or for batching a simple key-press will program the scales with any predetermined quantity.  A buzzer sounds when the quantity is reached or exceeded.

Compare available inventory control scales in our full listing of counting scales based on your parts counting requirements.  

CBCa Counting Scales

CBC 8a
CBC 16a
CBC 35a
CBC 70a
CBC 100a
Your Price See Price See Price See Price See Price See Price
Maximum capacity (g / lb)
4000g / 8lb
8000g / 16lb
16kg / 35lb
32kg / 70lb
48kg / 100lb
Minimum capacity (g / lb)
2g / 0.004lb
4g / 0.01lb
10g / 0.02lb
20g / 0.04lb
50g / 0.08lb
Readability (g / lb)
0.1g / 0.0002lb
0.2g / 0.0005lb
0.5g / 0.001lb
1g / 0.002lb
2g / 0.005lb
Resolution (g / lb)
0.1g / 0.0002lb
0.2g / 0.0005lb
0.5g / 0.001lb
1g / 0.002lb
2g / 0.005lb
Tare range
-6kg / -10lb
-10kg / -10lb
-45kg / -99lb
Repeatability (g / lb)
0.1g / 0.0002lb
0.2g / 0.0005lb
0.5g / 0.001lb
1g / 0.002lb
2g / 0.005lb
Linearity (g / lb)
± 0.2g / 0.0004lb
± 0.4g / 0.001lb
± 1g / 0.002lb
± 2g / 0.004lb
± 4g / 0.01lb
Typical stabilization time
2 Seconds
2 Seconds
2 Seconds
2 Seconds
2 Seconds
Units of measure
Lb, Kg
RS-232 Output Optional - $50 for RS 232 Option Card (factory install)
Operating temperature
0°C - 40°C / 32°F - 104°F
Power supply
AC Adapter or operate on internal lead-acid rechargeable battery pack
Automatic External
3 x 6 digits LCD digital display
ABS Plastic, Stainless Steel platform
Pan size
225 × 300mm / 8.9 × 10.8 inches
Overall dimensions (w×d×h)
325 × 340 × 110 mm / 12.8 × 13.4 × 4.3 inches
Gross weight
3.8kg / 8.4lb
General Purpose Parts Counting Scale
Parts counting, accumulating memory, preset count with alarm
Other features
Accuracy enhancement for parts counting, internal rechargeable battery (~70 hours operation), In-Use Wet Cover
The CBC Series Counting Scales includes a choice of 4 different models to meet almost any parts counting application.  Economically priced allowing you to purchase your own counting scale for practically the same amount your local scale company or equipment rental company would charge for a 2 week rental.  Purchasing your own counting scale eliminates the chances of being told "all of our rentals are out, try us back next week".

Don't let our low price fool you.  Adam Equipment is a global supplier of balances and scales with over 30 years experience.  The CBC Counting Scale is backed with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty for parts and labor under normal use. After sales support takes high priority and Adam Equipment's USA office is located in Danbury, Connecticut if your counting scale ever needs warranty or repair work its a phone call away at 203-790-4774.

Why take a risk purchasing a no name brand or private label counting scale from a materials management supply house?  For most of these companies counting scales are just a stock number and the order taker knows little difference between a counting scale and a pallet jack.  When you purchase from Precision Weighing Balances, trained staff understand the products we sell.  Balances & scales is our only business.

Applicable applications for the CBCa Series include:
  • Copy centers or print shops can count standard 8 1/2 x 11 sheet paper or business cards with the CBC8a
  • Media fulfillment centers counting CD Roms or media packs choose the CBC12a
  • Plumbing contracting counting out 1/2" copper fitting for the job maximize their profits with the CBC35a
  • Determining the length of cable, hose, chain & rope. One might ask how could a counting scale determine the length? Measure out 25 feet of cable > enter a part count of 25 pieces > and now your counting scale will determine the feet of cable on the scale. The CBC65a works great for counting 14/3 romex cable typically used to wire homes.
  • Metal fabricator to count heavy parts weighing 1/4 of a pound or greater.  We really don't recommend the CBC100a since although you can count parts and have up to 100 pounds on the counting scale the weighing pan is only 8.9 × 11.8 inches.  So really unless you are counting parts that are extremely heavy like lead weights for a scuba driver's weight belt then we would say this model is impractical.

No matter what counting scale you purchase one thing is imperative - the item you are counting must be uniform in weight.  In order for counting scales to count the scale must be able to determine the average piece weight (APW).  It is the responsibility of the operator to tell the scale how many pieces of the same item are on the weighing platform in the beginning for the counting scale to compute the APW.
counting scale
The left display shows the total weight on the platform (1.1975 kg).  This means the 65 bolts on the platform weighs 1.1975 kg.  You can weigh in pounds by press in "lb/kg" key if you prefer to weigh in english versus metric.
The middle display shows the unit weight (18.4385 grams).  This value means the counting scale equate 18.4385 grams is equal to 1.  The unit weigh is determined by the scale taking the weight of sample pieces divided by the sample number enter when the scale was initially setup.
The left display shows the piece count (65 pieces).  In this scenario 65 bolts are on the weighing platform.
This is accomplished by hand counting out a sample lot of 10, 25, 50, 100 pieces, placing them on the platform and then pressing the Sample Key (Smpl) on the CBCa Counting Scale.  One of the beauties of the Adam Equipment CBCa Counting Scales is you can set any sample size.  You're not restricted to a factory setting sample size of 5, 10, 25 pieces like comparable models on the market. If you want to use a sample size of 57 pieces, and then you count out 57 pieces, place them on the platform, enter 57 using the 1-9 keypad and then press the Smpl Key.  Your counting scale is now programmed to count away.  Place a hand full of additional parts on the platform and the scale will display the piece count.  It's easy, simple and fast saving your company hours over manual hand counting.

Adam Equipment did not stop here.  The CBCa Series also allows you to manually enter the unit piece weight if you already know the APW. Simply enter the unit weigh using the 1-9 keypad and then press the "lb/kg" key to store the unit weight.  This can be a huge time saving feature over competitor's models.  Well thought out and flexibility are hallmarks of all Adam Equipment products.

An example would be if you were a storekeeper for a plumbing contractor.  Your job is to kit up fittings and other hardware for jobs limiting issuing any extra supplies.  In all likelihood any extras would simply disappear and the plumber on the job site would end up taking these parts home for those midnight jobs after work and on the weekends.  If you know a 1/2" right copper elbow weight 18.1 grams versus a copper 1/2" T fitting weighs 27.4g or a 1/2 copper end cap weighs 7.1g you simply enter the value in and count away.  Time is money and Adam Equipment designed the CBCa Series to pay for itself in labor cost savings in weeks or even days depending upon your usage.

Counting scales look at the weight on the weighing platform and divide the weight by the number of pieces to compute the APW.  It's truly a simple process.  You're just basically training the counting scale that 1 widget that weighs say 25.4g is equal to 1 piece.

Another issue to successful implement with any counting scale is you must have pieces (widgets) that have a consistent weight.  No counting scale will ever work if there is a significant variation in the weight of the widgets.  How much error will be dependent on how much the weight of individual pieces varies?  The larger the initial sample (say 100 pieces versus 10 pieces) the better results the counting scale can provide since it averages out any variations.

Let's take a look at how inconsistent weights can affect the counting scale.  In the example below we weighed out each washer on a lab balance to show the effects that weight variations have on any counting scale.

inventory count
count parts
Piece weight needs to be consistent
= 1.0g = 1.0g
= 1.0g = 1.0g
= 1.0g = 1.0g
= 1.0g = 1.0g
= 1.0g = 1.0g
        10g total weight           
=   -------------------------------
1g sample unit piece weight

= 10 pieces (no error)
If the 10 pieces are inconsistent
= 1.0g = 1.4g
= 1.1g = 1.3g
= 1.2g = 1.3g
= 1.1g = 0.9g
= 1.3g = 1.4g
        12g total weight           
=   -------------------------------
1g sample unit piece weight

= 12 pieces (2 piece error)

All CBC Series come standard with an internal rechargeable sealed lead acid battery providing 70 hours of use when fully charged.  Lead acid batteries don't incur "memory loss" which is common among other counting scales that operate with their custom Nicd battery pack which is a $100+ option.

To sum it up Adam Equipment's CBCa Series is our best counting scale for the money.  Additional features include a digital display with backlight.  If you don't want the backlight it's user selectable.  Programmable - Always ON, Always Off, Auto-on (backlight comes on only when a weight is on the platform)

If you have any additional questions or need help with your selection please call 978-521-7095 and one of our product specialists will assist you.  Try to avoid oversizing your scale as you may be sacrificing resolution, which is critical to the accuracy of your counts.  The prices for all the CBCa Series is the same but you'll notice as you increase the weighing capacity, you lose accuracy / sensitivity.  If the scale can't sense the sample weight then it can't count it.

scale, parts counting scale, counting scale

[Click for Hi-Res Image]
All CBCa Counting Scale come with In-Use Cover. This clear plastic cover protects your scale from spills.

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